Powertec Utility Bench

Powertec Utility Bench
Powertec Utility Bench

The Powertec Utility Bench is a versatile bench suitable for all types of weight training. The bench is built low to the ground which makes it ideal for heavy bench pressing. The Powertec Utility Bench can be adjusted from upright for shoulder press through to decline for decline presses. It has several adjustment levels so you can get yourself in the correct position to target the desired muscle group. This makes it ideal for dumbbell training or training in a Powertec Power Rack.

Powertec have also designed the utility bench to be easy to use. The addition of wheels makes the bench easy to move around your weight training area. The patented linkage system allows you to slide the bench into the upright position so that you are right under the bar when shoulder pressing in a power rack.

Powertec FID Bench

The Powertec Utility Bench is also able to accept the Workbench Machine Accessories (which are sold separately)



 Not only is the Powertec bench functional and heavy duty, it also looks smart too. Check out the embossing on the back rest.


FID Bench




Length: 121cm Width: 68cm Height: 100cm (in upright position)

Weight: 32kgs
Weight Load Capacity: 270kgs

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Targeted muscle groups

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